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About Swanline Paper and Board

Swanline Paper and Board (SPB) is a rapid turnaround stockist and converter of multiple substrates encompassing paper, board, plastics and self-adhesives substrates.

Unique Business Proposition

SPB offers a unique business proposition through its linked supply chain with Swanline Print, the specialist 100% trade-only print and conversion services provider, and joint venture business Corrboard, a leading edge manufacturer of corrugated board.

Cost Neutral Sustainability

Swanline Paper & Board is proud to provide “cost neutral sustainability” across much of its product range. Our substrates meet industry demands not only in terms of performance, flexibility and innovation, but also from an eco-friendly angle – but for the same or lower cost than the traditional equivalents.

Swanline Paper and Board Technology

Swanline Print Group invests in specialist machinery so its customers don’t have to, including two class-leading wide format HP FB11000 digital printers ideal for rapid turnaround projects. SPB boasts a sheeter, state of the art packing line and finishing machinery.